How to keep
from re-submitting on page refresh...

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I have forms that are handled by PHP scripts in the same file that
generates the page.  After the page regenerates with the results of
the form submission, a refresh of the page re-submits the values of
the previous form.  Is there a way to reset or clear that form data
to prevent the re-submission of data?


Re: How to keep
from re-submitting on page refresh...


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Most simple solution is often do the thing you want with the posted data  
in it on the receiving page (use PHP sessions if the data has to 'live  
longer'), and redirect (with a proper HTTP header, not some javascript or  
meta thingy) to another (or possibly the same page). Posts are 'lost' on  
redirects, so no data will be resubmitted on refresh, the browser will go  
straight to the page you provided.

As this is not really an HTML but PHP related issue (well, at least the  
solution is), I've taken the liberty to post this answer to that group,  
and set the follow-up to it.
Rik Wasmus

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