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Hello everybody

i have a file text.

in this file text i use to search some words and, at the end,
the word is highlited in red, orange...

Is highlighted only the word...

i really love not the single word but the entire row

i now have:

Mary love the *lambs*

i want

*mary love the lambs*

i use span tag

Pleasy any suggest?!



Re: How to highlight a row schreef:
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Well Luigi, the simple answer is: change your code accordingly.
You need to expand your span so it surrounds the whole text, or even
better, change the container holding the the text (the td of a table eg,
or a div) so that the bold-style is defined in there.
Why don't you try it yourself, and try to adhere your span-style to the
td element or whatever it is that holds the text?
I won't be difficult *if you see the code*, which we do not. ;-)

What do you expect from us?
An answer like: "Go to line 42, and change the regex to /^whatever/g"?
We need code.

Also, you might get luckier if you post your example in a newsgroup
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Erwin Moller

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