How to ge a client to make simple changes to the web page I created for them -- help...

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Hey all,

      For the past 2 years I have been maintaining a webpage for a
client.  I have created and maintained it using Paraben's Web Page
Wizard software.  For me, the creation and maintenance was no problem.
However, I no longer have time to do the usual updates and changes for
them.  They are going to start updating on their own.  The update only
consists of adding, removing a few links and possibly changing some
basic text.

    Now, I know that it would be a pain for me to have them buy the
software then transfer all of the images and templates to it and
maintain it the same way I have been -- that would be way to hard for
them.  Is there a simple way that they could edit the text/links on the
site without having to use WEB PAGE WIZARD?  I am not talking layout or
graphics or anything, just text and possibly a few links...

   In other words, how can someone make simple changes to a website
without having to use the base software used to create the page in the
first place.  If it makes a difference, they pay yearly for the domain
and for the hosting to hosting service.

   I would just feel a lot better knowing that they can make the
changes they need without needing my services...



Re: How to ge a client to make simple changes to the web page I created for them -- help... wrote:
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You can do it with a little specialized script in Perl or Python,
having the script substitute replacements for marked parts of
template files into new HTML files.  This can be done either
server side or on a local machine for upload.

These are really easy to do, but I can't tell you more without full
details.  A web search for Perl and Python template replacement might
help.  Search CPAN archive for templating modules.

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