how to do a redirect in HTML ?

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 I have a simple problem in that I have developed various websites off
of my domain such as:

I want to be able to have someone register a domain such as and have it point to -->

I guess the site has to be registered through name servers to point
someplace like or anyplace free ? What's good for that ?
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html ? I have a big thick html book, but did not see redirect listed
in the index.

 Is there anyway to do this directly without setting my firends domain
someplace and then redirecting ?

 Is it easy to point several domains to the same place ? If I could do
that, perhaps my Rails programs could detect which domain it was
coming from and do the redirects in Rails code which I know how to do
and is easy.

Re: how to do a redirect in HTML ?

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Do you have cPanel and add-on domains enabled on your server ?  If so,
it is easy to setup the extra domain name and have it refer to a
directory in your file space.


Re: how to do a redirect in HTML ?

On Fri, 16 Feb 2007, surfivor wrote:

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You don't do redirects with HTML.
Read .

Re: how to do a redirect in HTML ?


I just use this :

On the page My_label_vin to redirect to lecteur-flux-rss :

<p style="text-align: center;">You will be directed to :<a
href=" -
rss.htm"> -

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
window.location=" -
</script><noscript>Redirection vers

la page du lecteur de flux RSS</noscript>

hope this help you


Re: how to do a redirect in HTML ?

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I'm not sure why the paragraph at the top is in English but the
noscript element content is in French, but anyway, that's a rather
clumsy way to do something that could be done much more elegantly with
a server-side redirect (e.g., with .htaccess in Apache servers).  Or,
better yet, get a hosting account that actually lets you host sites
directly under the domains that correspond to them so that no clunky
redirects are needed at all.  (Dreamhost currently lets you have
unlimited domains and subdomains, all fully hosted, within a single


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