How to add RSS 2.0 to my web site?

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 have a personal web site under development and I am having a hell of
a hard time trying to feed "live" news to my web page with RSS 2.0.
from google news web site.  I know how anoyning it is to explain stuff
to newbies, but I really need help.  Please help me out with this
issue.  So to be more specific here is my question..

1 - I am developing my web page with front page 2002.
2 - I have the RSS 2.0 code
3 - On the HTML tab (frontpage 2002) what do i have to type before the
RSS 2.0 code to make it work
4 - Thank you

Fabio Scopel

Re: How to add RSS 2.0 to my web site? wrote:
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   See <
   Add <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS"
href=" ">
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   A pity.

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   Use an standard link:
<a href=" ">MyRSS</a>

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Re: How to add RSS 2.0 to my web site? wrote:

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I think Jim has misunderstood your problem here - you're trying to take
someone else's feed and use it on your site, not feed your site out as
RSS to other people.

You need some server-side scripting (PHP would do, or whatever you can
get hosted) Then use something to turn the RSS into HTML, probably
involving some XSLT. You can find "bare" RSS->HTML converter
stylesheets in XSLT (quite hard) in many places (I've written loads and
made them public myself), then just tweak their styling (quite easy) to
look good with your site.

I don't recommend client-side XSLT for this - it only works on a few
browsers. Although it is a reasonable solution for a personal site, if
you can't get any better hosting.  Put an <iframe> on your page, then
either make the src of the iframe a reference to the RSS feed, with an
attached reference to an XSLT stylesheet (this probably needs a tiny
bit of scripting to attach the stylesheet reference).

Or (if you have no server-side scripting at all) make the contents of
the <iframe> refer to a HTML page where some JavaScript loads up an XML
"data island" (a good search term to use) and transforms it client
side. This works well, makes no demands on the server, but is highly
browser dependent.

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