How long should I make my web page's Title, Description, & Keywords Meta Tag?

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Different Search Engines will read different amounts of characters in
your web page's Title Description and Keywords Meta Tag. As for your
"Title", the Search Engines will read between 60 and 150 characters.
The average number of characters in your Title that are read by the
Search Engines is 70. I always tell everyone to write their Title
using only 70 characters. Once you write your 70 character Title
continue writing it until you fill up the remaining 80 characters for
Search Engines that can read 150 characters in your Title. When it
comes to writing your web page's "Description" the Search Engines will
read anywhere from 150 to 250 characters. That is why I recommend to
people that they focus on writing a good compelling Description for
their web page within the first 150 characters of their Description
Tag and then continue writing a good compelling Description until you
have used up the remaining 100 characters that some Search Engines
will read. Many of the Search Engines on the internet never read a web
pages Keyword Meta Tag. As for the few Search Engines that still pay
attention to your Keywords Meta Tag, the largest number of keywords
they will read is 15 words.

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