how is this done?

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there's a little icon at the right of address bar, I haven't seen this
anywhere else..  when you mouse over it it says "Add Live Bookmark"..
works only in FF (and probably IE7, which I don't have, since am on W2k..)

thank you..

Re: how is this done?

maya wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Did you note what the icon said before you moused over it?  It's a
simple RSS feed.  Firefox and Opera both have the ability to read news
feeds (I prefer Opera).  What's kind of nice about the craigslist RSS
is that it is tailored to what you are looking for, so you will only
get feeds that pertain to web design jobs in New York.

If you want to provide RSS for your site, or your clients' sites,
Google for RSS tutorial.  It's actually pretty easy.

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Re: how is this done?

maya wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It means there's an RSS feed for the pagge, and they've linked to it
with a <link> element in the head of the HTML page.  Read the source
for a better explanation.

If you use RSS, then using this <link> is a standard best practice for
linking to them. It's not a FF-specific feature, just that FF and Live
Bookmarks are one of the more obvious tools that's using it.

Annoyingly there seems to be no other way to trigger "Add Live
Bookmark..."   (I'd love to hear it)
I have some pages that offer many RSS feeds from a single HTML page,
but I can't offer "Add Live Bookmark..."   on a link-by-link basis --
I've had to serve dummy HTML pages behind each link, with the RSS feed
<link>ed through that.

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