How improve Line Spacing?

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HTML Experts,

I would like to have more control in my web site, over what's called
"line spacing" in PageMaker and Word.

I believe that normally, it can't be done in HTML, but I think it
happens in cases that I don't understand.

I took existing text on our web site, and I made it larger, with "Font

The PROBLEM: is that now one line of text is sitting on top of another
line of text. It looks like I have the equivalent of 14 point font,
with 10 point spacing. (If I did it in Word)

To see this: visit:
Look at "Online Service Database" in the blue bar, on the left side.
That is correct, I haven't changed it.

Online Service Database is a small font. I want it larger.

So, Click on Products, (top bar/menu) and look at the same bar on the
left, Notice that "Online Services" is larger, but scrunched up, the
text is too close, sitting on top of each other. I do have a <br> tag
between the words.

QUESTION: How do I get these two words to look nice, to have
reasonable, visually attractive, space between them?

thank you,

Re: How improve Line Spacing?

Bill wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Forget ahout the font element and its size attribute. You have a mix of
CSS and presentational markup, your CSS explictly sets
   line-height: 10pt;
for the 'a' element, then inside of an a you use the 'font' element.
Drop the 'font' element and use only CSS to adjust the font-size and
line-height if needed.


    Martin Honnen /

Re: How improve Line Spacing?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Martin, Thank you for your help.

I now see that this is set up using "a:link" style, in the CSS, as you
said. What I would like to do is: Make ONE of the links/anchors
larger. If I change the "A" then it changes all of them. Can I do an
"A.second"? Or can you recommend a way to do this, to allow me to make
one of the links larger?


Re: How improve Line Spacing?

In article

Quoted text here. Click to load it

There is too much too much seriously wrong with your website to worry
about this one issue. Have you seen your above URL in a good modern
browser like Firefox? And varied the user font size controls (try
varying just the text up) and see your menu get cut off and disappear.
Few of the bullets are even properly next to the list items.

You cannot expect MS word processors to generate anything that even
gives you a chance unless you are more expert in HTML and CSS yurself.
And if you were, you would not use Word to generate the sort of thing
you have designed.


Re: How improve Line Spacing?

On 3/16/2009 3:04 PM, dorayme wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Furthermore, you are using frames without a really good reason.  On the
home page you cite, the blue area on the left is a frame that requires
scrolling; but it has no scrollbar.  The page overall has 18 HTML errors
(garbage in = garbage out).

David Ross

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