how does's layout works?

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first of all, i hope not to be offtopic: since there is both html and
css and tables, then i'm posting it on two newsgroups --without
crossposting this--, ciwas and ciwah.

the layout of is exactly the layout i'd like to
obtain: there are no frames --then it's indexable by spiders--, but
you have a fixed and invariable "frame" all around a main area which
scrolls its content. i have read several times the source html for
that page --and downloaded all the css's and js's--, but wasn't able
to understand how it works.

can you please help me understanding how to reproduce it?
it seems to me a table which occupies 100% of work area, has some
fixed size cells and in the "main" cell it contains a div which
scrolls its content. but i'm able to go no further than this and can't
understand how to go on.

i'd appreciate any help.

thanks in advance,
Gianni Rondinini (30, tanti, RA)
VBR - Vero Birro Romagnolo
Hai capito, scelf?

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