How do you line up separate fields in a select box?

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I have a select box in html that looks like this:

 <select name="communities" size="25" onChange="form1.submit()">
           <option value="0043  George Train &nbsp;">0043 George Train
&nbsp;</option><option value="99123 John Doe &nbsp;">99123 John Doe
&nbsp;</option><option value="1111 Sally Smith &nbsp;">1111 Sally Smith
&nbsp;</option><option value="14591 David Smith &nbsp;">14591 Betty
Boop &nbsp;</option><option value="50 Joe Public &nbsp;">50 Joe Public

The select box will look like this:

0043 George Train
99123 John Doe
1111 Sally Smith
14591 David Smith
50 Joe Public

If I wanted to line up the fields in the select box so they look
better, how would I do that?
For example:

0043    George Train
99123  John Doe
1111    Sally Smith
14591  David Smith
50       Joe Public

I am not sure if you can put a table inside a select box.  I tried it
and didn't seem to work.
Does anyone have any advice for lining up fields in a select box?

Thank you very much for any advice on this.


Re: How do you line up separate fields in a select box?

entfred wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
  Change the font for <select> and <option> to monospace. As a bonus you
do not need &nbsp;, only ' '.

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