How do I remove frames EASILY??

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Hi.  I created a web page but evidently I did it using frames - which I
have since been told is a bad idea since search engines supposedly
don't like that.  Is there an EASY EASY EASY way for me to remove the
frames from this website:

Any help would be enormously appreciated.

Re: How do I remove frames EASILY??

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In your case, you have just a single frame, containing

The obvious solution is to stop using the frame-based domain-name cloaking
(using the real URL instead), or to get real hosting so your content lives
at your domain name (rather than at

FWIW, I recommend that you stop using images of text, and use real text

Or at the very least, use the text as the ALT attribute for the image. For
example, the ALT attribute for nj-lawyer-badoptions.jpg should be something
like alt="Adoptions". See
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Re: How do I remove frames EASILY??

Darin McGrew wrote:

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Aww, I kinda like the way all those images _jump_around_ when hovering
the mouse nearby. Like they've got epilepsy, or worse.  (Firefox 1.0.7)

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