?How compose URL to a pop up window?

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Let=92s say I go to http://www.straighttalk.com/ and click on Terms and
Conditions at the bottom, a pop up window comes up in the center and
the rest of the page dims. When I save the page locally, I discover in
the Howitworks_files files folder, the file, controller.htm, which has
the text contents of center-positioned window.
I=92d like to link to this file, but when I compose a URL
http://www.straighttalk.com/controller.htm , it takes me to a page
from straighttalk saying The resource you have requested can not be
found in our system.

I=92d like to link to what=92s in controller.htm. So how do I compose a
link that will get someone there? And while I=92m asking, can someone
explain this all to me? I=92m sure it has to do with the scripts. What
should I read about? Where should I start?

   (||) Nehmo (||)

Re: ?How compose URL to a pop up window?

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Just right click and open the content of the popup in a new tab.
http://www.straighttalk.com/controller.block?__blockname=3Dstraight.static .=

Re: ?How compose URL to a pop up window?

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That file is just an artifact of the save process.  It does not
necessarily exist on the server.  As you've discovered, there is, in
fact, no such file.

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Links on the web are not to files, but to resources with a named
location.  They could refer to files on the server, but they could
also be references to the output of server processes.  If you look at
the source of the main page, it includes this:

    <li><a href=3D"#" onclick=3D"showHideGenericPopup(
        title=3D"TERMS AND CONDITIONS">

which lets me immediately check if the URL included there has the
content, and in fact it does:

    <http://www.straighttalk.com/controller.block ?

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Well, you can start by looking through their JS for the implementation
of showHideGenericPopup to see how they do it.  I haven't bothered, as
if all you need is the URL, it was easy to discover.

  -- Scott

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