How can I set up an automatic membership type of program?

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I'm experimenting with some pages that will create 100% random mazes.
You can see my demo page here:

Each time you refresh the page or put in a new number and click "Make A
Maze" it creates a brand new maze.

I ultimately plan to change my personalized puzzle pages over to use
this type of format so I don't have to store all the GIF images that
are currently stored for my God Loves You collection at

What I'd love to do is have one set of pages that only creates one new
maze per day (I'd use the date to seed the random number generator),
and another set of pages that would create Millions of Mazes, as many
different mazes as the visitor would care to view.

Ideally, I'm hoping to find something that will work without my having
to do anything other than set up the code in the first place. If I take
a few weeks off, I'd want whatever I use to continue operating in my
absence, accepting new members, etc. Perhaps something that ties in
with PayPal or ?????.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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