How can I dynamically add file links to a html document?

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How can I dynamically add file links to a html document?

I need to be able to click an image icon and the "Open file" box should
pop up where I can select a document from my harddisk. The document
should then be added to the html file at a specific spot and the file
reloaded with the new document added to the html file showing. This new
document should be stored in its new form.

Is this possible? Or is it too hard to find the spot in the html
document to add the file link? There may be several different areas
where the file can be inserted, depending on what type of document it

Perhaps it would be easier to store the new document in a separate file
and load this into the html document?

Javascript or vbscript can be used.

Here is a part of the code where I want to insert the document:

<table width="670">
    <td width="200" align="left" valign="top" class="kmdahl"><p><img
src="images/arrow2.gif" width="4" height="7"> <span class="style11">Pdf
files </span><strong><br>
        <a href="file:///F:/File1.pdf" target="_blank">1- pdf</a><br>
        <a href="file:///F:/File2.pdf" target="_blank">2- pdf</a><br>
        <a href="file:///F:/File3.pdf" target="_blank">3 -pdf</a><br>


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