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Hooray! I just earned 22 cents from my website! Hooray!

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Re: Hooray

scotmail1@gmail.com wrote:
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It's a great feeling, ain't it? :)

I've got a few dollars accumulated in my google adsense account now. I
figure I might get my first check in another 5 years or so. Really
lookin' forward to it!


Re: Hooray

Bergamot wrote:
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Interesting.  The "money" is still sitting out there somewhere.  I guess
  Google is holding it, accounting for it on their books, and hoping you
and your site just goes away before they actually have to pay something
out.  Amazing business model.

I think I'll just put up a page and say:  "Ok.  I promise to give you
nothing if you pay me to give you what I promise.  I will make all sorts
of unfounded statements that may or may not amuse or satiate you and
your various inane desires.  However, even though you can view those
pages for free, I'm sure you're going to want to send me money so you
don't feel guilty viewing them."

Followed by a "Click here to send me $50.00" button.  Tell ya what.  I
bet that would garner 50 bucks faster than whatever you guys are doing.

Ed Mullen
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Re: Hooray

Ed Mullen wrote:
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More likely they are holding it and collecting interest on it in some
bank account somewhere.

Interest on 22 cents isn't much, until you multiply it by the hundreds
of thousands of sites that have earned barely anything.

Re: Hooray

Scott Bryce wrote:
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Kinda what I was driving at but, obviously, not as well said as you did!

Ed Mullen
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