Homesite - SSL ftp to vsftpd not working

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I did post previously on this, and was directed to the Macromedia
forums.  Unfortunately nobody seemed to be able help there (received no

Thought I'd try again here.

Has anybody any experience of Homesite's SSL ftp working with any SSL
enabled ftp server?  I have been trying to connect to an ssl-enabled
vsftpd on an enterprise linux box, and Homesite always complains that
it cannot make a secure connection.  However, WsFTP connects via SSL
with no problem, and as I understand Homesite uses an embedded wsFTP?!

I've been using Homesite for years and don't really want to change
editors, but need to edit files remotely via SSL.  UltraEdit seems to
be an excellent tool and works over sftp, but needs each file to be
manually added to a project to edit directly and the directory
structure needs to be manually recreated in the project, which is

I'm using Homesite 5 & vsftpd 2.0.3 compiled with openssl.

I've tried numerous searches and seem to be the only person who has
reported this problem....can anybody help?

Many thanks


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