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Does anyone have an idea on how I'd go about highlighting (with a
border, or something equally effective) a input button of type 'image'
(i.e. <input type=image alt=Login src=http://<etc, path to image file>

For most of the other element, applying a style such as
"background-color: red; border-color: red; border-width: thick" seems
to be sufficient, however for image buttons (especially those that have
"border=0" as a part of their HTML definition) this seems to be rather

Any suggestions would be welcome,


Re: Highlighting image button

Scripsit russiandevil@gmail.com:

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Perhaps, but why do you ask this in an HTML group?

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Rrright. Your mileage surely varies, since browsers differ in their CSS
support, but this _isn't_ an HTML issue.

What _is_ an HTML issue is that you would get better results by using a
normal submit button, <input type="submit" ...>, _especially_ since_ it
looks similar to the normal submit buttons on web pages. Besides, some
modern browsers change the visual appearance of a normal submit button on
mouseover _by default_.

Using an image submit button is mostly just a way to create problems that
wouldn't exist if you used a normal submit button.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: Highlighting image button

russiandevil@gmail.com skrev:
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In an eigth year old recommandation from W3C i found this:

'outline' Value: [ <'outline-color'> || <'outline-style'> ||
<'outline-width'> ] | inherit


That would meen you could use somthing like:

.highlight { outline:red solid thick" }

But if that don't apply, try borders. If the image buttons have
"border=0" as a part of their HTML definition you could override that
with a more spesefic rule like:

form .highlight { border: ... }


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