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I am able to hide the URL of my link in the Window Status using

<a href="link" onMouseOver="window.status=' ' ; return true;" >

However the linked page take a second or two to load, it is a JSP and
reading from a database.  While it is loading the link shows in the
Window Status.  Is there any way for me to hide that totally as it


Re: Hiding a link's URL

mike.a.rea@gmail.com wrote:
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No, unless you have some way to persuade the user to keep waving his
mouse back and forth over the link; and even then, the browser will
eventually stop processing interactions with the old page.

Why do you want to keep the user's browser from doing what's it's
supposed to do?

Re: Hiding a link's URL

On Feb 1, 3:16 pm, mike.a....@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

That's the sort of thing that leads some people to disable JavaScript,
to stop webmasters from annoying them by adding scripts to do stuff
like mucking around with the status line.

Some browsers, though, offer finer control of what scripts are allowed
to do, permitting users to prevent the suppression of status lines
while preserving the ability to have scripting for other things.


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