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http://www.scriptcompress.com/PNG-Packer.htm is a web tool I made that will pack your HTML source code into an actual PNG or convert to XML for a SVG image on http://www.scriptcompress.com/HTML-to-SVG-Image.htm

Both these tools will provide a working script that will decompress and auto execute your hidden code.

This tool can be used for fun, good or bad. Please use it for good...

Re: Hide HTML/JavaScript/Text In An Image

http://www.whak.ca/packer/PNG.htm is an updated version. PNG1 now gets close to gzip compression using zlib

Re: Hide HTML/JavaScript/Text In An Image

Here is a demo of www.whak.ca/packer/PNG.htm that I mentioned: http://jsfid
dle.net/6px7yru0/show/ It's a real PNG image compressor from a compiled C++
 programmed application converted using Emscripten to bytecode/Web Assembly
. At first it was 2.8 MB, but I compressed it for client side (built in dec
ompressor) to 614 KB, gzip gets 590KB, so it's pretty damn close!

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