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Hi all,

(Apologies for any cross-postings)

I am having an issue with a navigation bar in firefox.  At seemingly
random times, the nav bar will not appear in 1 line (as it should),
but will span 2 or more lines.

For example:
How the nav bar should look:
and how it sometimes appears:

I cannot reproduce this error on demand.  If you click around the nav
bar a bit on the actual site ( /), you will
probably be able to reproduce the error, but it seems to be randomly
that it happens.  We haven't seen this error at all in IE.

The CSS to display the nav bar is here:

And the html is here:

I'm not really sure where the problem lies with this.  I've tried a
few things with no luck.  Anyone have any ideas?  Anyone seen an issue
like this before?  (not the browser-compatibility issue, I know we've
all seen _plenty_ of those :)

thanks in advance,

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May I suggest the following before you get much further?

1. Your choice of font size is way too small. When I increase it so I
can read it, the page falls apart. See:

2. Since you already have sectional menus on the left side of the
content area, why not just drop the annoying fly-out drop-down menus?
Everything seems to be repeated, which will serve only to confuse your

3. You have a lot of 'pixel-precision' settings in your CSS. Use em
units instead (for just about everything except borders), so your
content doesn't escape their boxes when I increase font size.

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Re: help with firefox issue

Thanks for the suggestions BTS, I will look into them.

Another thing I forgot to mention:
If you do get the nav bar to appear on multiple lines, clicking
"reload" will fix the issue.  Weird.


Re: help with firefox issue

Mon, 25 Feb 2008 17:09:11 GMT from Beauregard T. Shagnasty
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Not to mention the fatuity of "for *any* crosspostings"!

Either he doesn't know what newsgroups he posted to, or he's
following the lead of airlines that cancel your flight and then
"apologize for any inconvenience", as though canceling your flight
could possibly *not* be an inconvenience.

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Re: help with firefox issue

On 25 f=E9v, 11:41, wrote:
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You should first start with markup and css validation:

140+ errors: =
orhoods =
ymuseum .=

I checked your css rules and css declarations and you definitely over-
excessively code, declare, define, etc.. Your css code is way too big
and way too over-constraining, everywhere, also pixel-precise
constraints everywhere.

First start with validation and then try to remove CSS declarations
and CSS rules, not add.

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=2EBodyText {
font-size : 0.8em;
font-family : geneva, verdana, helvetica, arial;

This is a serious mistake.
"Avoid sizes in em smaller than 1em for text body, except maybe for
copyright statements or other kinds of 'fine print.'"
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Regards, G=E9rard

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