Help! Table acts stragely once uploaded

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This is bugging me!  I have written a relatively simple series of a
half dozen web pages in Dreamweaver.  There is a table with a series of
tabs for switching between the different pages.  They look dandy when I
check them locally (F12, which loads the file on the hard disk) in both
Mozilla 1.0.7 and IE 6.0.  But once I upload them to the server, IE
does not display the table correctly *when it is first loaded*.  Once I
click a tab (or even browse to another site then hit 'back'), it
appears as it should.  Mozilla does not have this problem.

Given that the page looks fine locally, I wonder if perhaps there is
something screwy on the server side?  If I check "view source" the
source looks exactly the same as when I "view source" when viewing the
local version via F12 in Dreamweaver.

The web page that's causing me headaches is, which
is actually an alias to:

I had this same problem with another site that uses a totally different
server, for some pages I was making for my wife's business.  That page
(which I have not gotten around to finishing) is: /

Any help appreciated,

Re: Help! Table acts stragely once uploaded

Well... after some debugging I solved this myself.  Some of the images
that make up the tab bar are just one pixel wide.  To stretch the image
across the cell, I had been entering "100%" as the image width.  That
worked, but screwed up IE when downloaded from the server.  Instead I
put the actual width in pixels for each image and solved the problem.


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