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Hello all - let me start by saying i am an architetural designer, not
a web designer - but my wife is just starting a business and we can
not fford to hire a website designer so i have created
- it is more of a portfolio than an online store, but eventually my
need to become an online store - also, as she adds more items the
loading gets slower because of the way i have written it - what i am
trying to achieve is a clean interface that does not reload when you
switch galleries, but simply loads the new gallery in place - i have
done this through javascript so far, but as more items are dded this
is going to get unweildy - and, if there were some way to just add
thumbs, images, and text files and have them added to the site by some
server side magic i would be very happy -

so, my question is mostly, what sshould i be researching to figure out
how to make this work? i have heard ajax and mysql thrown around but
know nothing of either - any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Help! Slow Loading Issue-information management

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DB is the way to go:

img VARCHAR(50),
thumb VARCHAR(50),
description VARCHAR(250),
title VARCHAR(50),
price DOUBLE,
lastupdate DATETIME,
status VARCHAR(2)

SELECT img, thumb, descripption, title
FROM products
ORDER BY title

You can put all your images (not the images themselves, but the path to
the image), text, title, price, etc. into a table and query the table to
get the information out again.

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Re: Help! Slow Loading Issue-information management

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Just do it the simple way, and then have the web server serving it
from static pages. It's simple to get working and perfectly fast

You can use an "off line" database if you want, where an off-line
database export process generates HTML pages that are then uploaded as
static pages. This is simple, but still gives you the benefits of
automatically generated navigation.

You don't need a "live" database until you're doing either searches or
on-line sales. Then look at running a pre-built web shop catalogue,
rather than writing your own.

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