Help! new site is crashing IE browsers!

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I've had to take the site offline to work on it so I can see what's
going on.
Can anyone help?

Two problems:

1. IE users (I think those on Windows 2000) are experiencing browser
crashes, and in one case a viewer's whole system actually crashed.

2. Less of a big deal, but it bugs me.  On the inner pages, I'm getting
a break in my table right through the uppermost image. Again, this is
an issue only in IE as far as I can tell.

Solutions needed ASAP.
Please oh please,

Re: Help! new site is crashing IE browsers! wrote:
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Fix the errors and then come back.
It's hard to say what the problem is really, as all browsers are being
thrown into quirks mode.
It could be anything.
At least give your page a document type and validate it.
Try useing HTML4.01 Strict.
Regards Chad.

Re: Help! new site is crashing IE and FF browsers! wrote:
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3. This FF user on Win XP experiences browser crashes. My page file
usage (shown in Windows' Task Manager) went up and up until I could
finally pull the plug on my browser. If I had left it I can imagine the
entire OS might have crashed. I got to see the basis of your page (it's
blue), but it never finished loading. From your source, I presume it
never finished loading the .swf file.

Besides validating to a doctype, I would recommend testing (a) without
the javascript (which you seem to have found somewhere else), (b)
without the Flash object, and (c) without either. I bet you localize the
problem that way.


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