Help: Adding a banner to a site that uses "flanking menus", and CSS

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What would be the easiest way to add a banner to a page like: [Uses absolute to position
the panels and relitive for the content. I would like the banner to be
width 100% (of the browser window) and the height to be variable (So that,
whenever the window is small, the banner will be small and no scrollbar's
will show up.)]
My own page isn't uploaded yet, but it's almost the same as the above
link. I dont want to use float (had enough trouble with them already) for
the panels.
I'm guessing that I'm going to have to convert the panels from absolute
position, but thats enough trouble. I'm hoping that there is an easier way
(Should I use framesets?).
Any ideas?


Re: Help: Adding a banner to a site that uses "flanking menus", and CSS

I got it sorted.
Added all the panels and the content to a #container div.
Also added a #header and a #footer div.
The #container div's position is relitive. The .panel divs are absolute
(But there inside the #container div, so there placed under the banner).
Everything seems to be working fine in Mozilla and Konqueror.

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