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Ok hers the scoop.  I am presently On verizon DSL.  I have free web space
and they have a couple of free apps that you can use on your web page.  One
is a guest book that I have yet to get to work.  Even though it is exactly
like they said.  If anyone out there could give me a hand either getting
this stupid thing to work, or giving me a viable alternative I would be very


Re: guest book

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URL first. Then give more specific problems that you may have. I would
imagine that you can get far better service from an independent internet
service provider than you can get from Verizon.


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Re: Verizon Webspace guestbook

Leonard Blaisdell wrote:

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It sounds like they have a very simple out-of-the-box or
one-click-installation of a guestbook package in place. How to work it out
depends on what piece of software they use. Whether they will spend much
time helping people with installation or not, I do not know, but I doubt


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