Google tool bar changes text input background color

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I recently downloaded Google tool bar into my IE 6.0.

Sometime later, I went back to a webpage that I've been working on and
started noticing that the background color on some but not all text input
fields were yellow. I've been pulling out my hair over why some were yellow
and some were white, checking css settings, looking for errant code, etc....

I finally decided to start poking around outside of the html code I'm
working on and finally stumbled on some settings in the google tool bar
setup. Sure enough, if you have the autofill with one click option checked,
when it detectes an address or telphone number field on a webpage, it
changes the background to yellow to let you know that you can auto fill that

Not wanting to autofill any web pages anyway, I disabled that option and all
is well with my forms now.

I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone else that might come across this
stupid problem....


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