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Anyone have experience using Google AutoFill?

My state is highlighted as yellow, so I know Google sees it as an auto fill
field, but it won't change the state.  Works on other site I go to test,
figured there must be something simple.

Below is the code from my web form,


<select name="Ecom_BillTo_Postal_StateProv">
            <option value=""  selected="selected" >None</option>
            <option value="AL"  >Alabama</option>
            <option value="AK"  >Alaska</option> <option value="AZ"
            <option value="AR"  >Arkansas</option>
            <option value="CA"  >California</option> <option value="CO"
            <option value="CT"  >Connecticut</option>
            <option value="DE"  >Delaware</option> <option value="DC"
 >District of Columbia</option>
            <option value="FL"  >Florida</option>
            <option value="GA"  >Georgia</option>
            <option value="HI"  >Hawaii</option> <option value="ID"
            <option value="IL"  >Illinois</option>
            <option value="IN"  >Indiana</option> <option value="IA"
            <option value="KS"  >Kansas</option>
            <option value="KY"  >Kentucky</option> <option value="LA"
            <option value="ME"  >Maine</option>
            <option value="MD"  >Maryland</option> <option value="MA"
            <option value="MI"  >Michigan</option>
            <option value="MN"  >Minnesota</option> <option value="MS"
            <option value="MO"  >Missouri</option>
            <option value="MT"  >Montana</option> <option value="NE"
            <option value="NV"  >Nevada</option>
            <option value="NH"  >New Hampshire</option> <option value="NJ"
 >New Jersey</option>
            <option value="NM"  >New Mexico</option>
            <option value="NY"  >New York</option> <option value="NC"
 >North Carolina</option>
            <option value="ND"  >North Dakota</option>
            <option value="OH"  >Ohio</option> <option value="OK"
            <option value="OR"  >Oregon</option>
            <option value="PA"  >Pennsylvania</option> <option value="RI"
 >Rhode Island</option>
            <option value="SC"  >South Carolina</option>
            <option value="SD"  >South Dakota</option>
            <option value="TN"  >Tennessee</option> <option value="TX"
            <option value="UT"  >Utah</option>
            <option value="VT"  >Vermont</option> <option value="VA"
            <option value="WA"  >Washington</option>
            <option value="WV"  >West Virginia</option> <option value="WI"
            <option value="WY"  >Wyoming</option>

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