ghost html button and textarea in css / dhtml - troubleshooting?

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I do not have a link to point you to at this time, sorry.  It's an
internal application.

I have some JS code that hides the current div, sets the tabnumber
passed in as the current tab number, then shows that tab.  As I switch
between different tab groups, I hide the current tab and then send the
first tab of the new group to the show tab function.

If I pick a later tab, then switch to a new tab group, when the divs
display there's a "ghost" button and text area which appear that are
blank.  This is repeatable in IE 6 and 7.  When I mouse over the span
in which they sit they dissappear.  When I use alerts to tell me which
variable is being hidden and shown, this does not occur- no ghost form
elements display.

I'm reviewing this now.  A coworker suggested I'm over using the
show/hide functionality.  Has anyone seen this before?  Again, as soon
as I can get a working public example to show you, I will.



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