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How unfortunate that HTML <form>s' <select> cannot be used as a general
purpose URL selector. Alas, the designers left no way to avoid injecting
at least a "?=" into the URL produced.

In decreasing order of preference #via API:
no clutter, no ads #clutter
but pretty URL #clutter
and ugly URL

one can only produce the last, if one wants to use just one <form>, one
<select>, one <submit>, and 200 <options>. See .

Re: general purpose URL or

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I'm sold! I'll CC him to mention <base> on that page, as it could cut
the HTML page size needed in half. However I must note sometimes a / is needed:
<a href="/EPMD:Please_Listen_To_My_Demo">EPMD:Please_Listen_To_My_Demo</a>
Or else the browser thinks EPMD: is a protocol, like HTTP:.

Re: general purpose URL