Frontpage problem/ using css to center TABLE - help...!

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I'm starting a new thread for a problem that I ran into..

I'm trying to use STYLE SHEETS/CSS to update multiple table widths
across many pages.

I did get it working with one small problem that I can't figure out.
For the sake of being really simple here are the steps i took.

1. create blank web page, create blank css page.
2. save 'em both, link them together.
3. on css page i modified the TABLE tag >> position >> set width to 600
4. on blank web page i created a single cell table, right clicked it >>
TABLE PROPERTIES >> changed alignment to CENTER - table moved to center
of page.
5. here's where the problem started: on web page clicked >> FORMAT >>
SHARED BORDERS >> selected ALL PAGES, TOP, BOTTOM. to create a header
and footer across all pages. As soon as I do that the table LEFT
justifies and I can't find a way to center it.

Does anyone know how I could CENTER the table while KEEPING the shared
borders and still be able to use the style function on the tables? I
need to be able to change header/footer/table info across many pages by
just making the change on the style sheet. Everything needs to be
centered: tables, header, and footer.


Re: Frontpage problem/ using css to center TABLE - help...!

googley wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't use FrontPage, and I have no clue what clicking this and that
would have as result. However, obviously something is changed when you
add the header and footer. Check in the stylesheet what changed there,
and check the HTML file to see if maybe some styles were added there.

Better though:
Get rid of FrontPage as quick as you dare, and learn HTML and CSS.
It's not that hard, and at least you will know what you are doing, and
nothing will change alignment without you telling it to.

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Re: Frontpage problem/ using css to center TABLE - help...!


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes, that's easy. But I doubt if you can manage to get it past
FrontPage. Time to learn HTML and CSS.

Search this newsgroup for the regular topic of "alignment and centring,
HTML 3.2 vs. CSS"  It's a confusing topic, because there are two
different approaches to it.

To do it in HTML 3.2, set the alignment with an "align" attribute.

To do it with CSS, you can align text with the text-align property
(which isn't what you want).  What you're looking for though is achieved
by setting the <table>'s margins to "auto". Read a decent CSS text (I
suggest Lie & Bos) for full details.

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