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pls, what are the issues w/frames and Netscape/FF/Mozilla?  frames that
work fine in IE look off in N/FF/M..  (I know how people here feel about
frames, this is for work, for our clients, so need to preach to me re
frames....;)....  thank you..)

need to know what the issues are so can code the framesets properly for
these non-IE browsers.. thank you very much..  Frances

Re: frames and N/FF/M

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Same as in other browsers except that, AFAIK, only IE implements the
ability to bookmark framesets in anything other than the default state
so Gecko users have an extra usability problem compared to IE users.

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"Look off" in what way? There are so many non-standard attributes of
<frameset> and <frame> that various browsers support to varying
degrees that unless you provide some more details we can't really


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