Frame, table, and center

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This page looks different now, but I show it how it looks like now: /

There are some little problems which have to do with another:

If there is the nice frame around the right cell, this cell is larger
than the others. So I make the same frame around the left cell and it's ok.

But now the middle cell is smaller. So I make a white cell around the
middle cell. But this gas the effect that the left lower corner of the
right cell is not correct any more.

A solution could be to make a wrap around the table with white
background which "fills" the middle cell at the edges.

<div> does not work, but <table> works.

There is only one problem:
Now the page hangs on the left.


padding:1px helps that the white background is all around the page.

width:90% auto moves the picture to center, but then it is too large.


How to do it?

thanks for help


Dorothee & Werner Partner, 45699 Herten

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