flash and z-index ... :(

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Hey Guys,

I dont know if this is the correct "group" and if not apologies, could
someone point me in the right direction.

Page can be found here: (http://www.brooksie-net.co.uk/tmp/the_sun.php )
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I have an absolutley positioned div on a page, that page isnt a page
that i personally can edit.  The div is created on the fly as JS.  (The
idea is will be an ad)  This div has a z-index of 899 or something
there abouts.

On the page i am testing this on i have a flash movie that for some
reason goes straight through my div and is always there.  I cant seem
to overlap it with the z-index.  I've read a few pages online that
suggest this is because flash players go top of the layers no matter
what and to fix set the <param wmode transparent>
(http://joshuaink.com/blog/82/flash-content-and-z-index ) but the site
already has this and it still goes through.

The page i am working on has the flash within an Iframe, is this maybe
causing the issue.

The flash is generated at this url:
as you can see its horrible JS stuff, but in there you will/should
notice that there is infact wmode stuff.

any help would be very very much appreciated.

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