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Re: Firefox floating bug?


> [Illustration of an OE message start where the cursor sits here]

If one top-posts, that is the result, indeed.

If one manually clicks at the end of the message, then this problem is
avoided. If the technology does it for you, however, the result seems to
normally be that the whole thread is included with no snippage.

While tech that puts your cursor at the bottom prevents top-posting and
all the problems connected to it, it throws the baby out with the
bathwater in that the uninitiated user is deluded into thinking that
there's no work left to do.

I'd rather see people develop the ability to snip and bottom-post without
the technology than to install a technology that leads to nearly as many

Re: Firefox floating bug?

in comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html, Neal wrote:
> Jan Roland Eriksson wrote:
> > They invented a most inviting form of "reply to message" template too,
> > where the naive user will just start typing where s/he is invited to do
> > so, with the dreaded "top post" as a result and, where just about
> > everything that has already been said in a thread gets posted over and
> > over again hanging as a tail on the last post in the thread.
> Funny, Opera does the same thing - the cursor starts on top.

The problem is not that cursor is on top. In fact, it has been in all
programs I have used. The problem was *signature* on top.

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