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My computer suddenly deleted its ability to open any files or read any
I was installing Norton antivirus 2006 and it couldn't finish
installing because
it said that one of the previous version's files was
corupted. So after closing
it out my desk top screen reverted and all my
icons changed and I can't seem to
get into my files. There are no open
options at all so I  can't use system
restore. I can get into the
internet but it takes some doing. I can't open any
file from my jump
drive or any newly downloaded programs and I can run it from
source.  I'm very careful about opening any viruses or any timed
viruses but
I can't be sure of my stepdaughter who also has access to
this computer.  I
don't have a restore disk either but that wouldn't do
any good anyway since my
d:\ drive won't autoplay or open. I can't get
into my control panel either.
Nothing can open.

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Re: File coruption says...
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I'm not sure why you are telling us this.  This is not a computer
support group.

You have a serious problem, but easily fixed without reinstalling the
OS.  Call a professional.

Re: File coruption


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As was pointed out, this isn't a computer support forum. Email me
with your OS details I may be able to help you.

Rob McAninch

Re: File coruption

Deciding to do something for the good of humanity, archangel_763

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My sympathies. But what does this have to do with HTML?

Mark Parnell
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Re: File coruption

archangel_763 wrote:
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  What others have said, and:
  Get your money back, too. Who needs a program that damages your
computer? (I doubt you could sue them for damages since the EULA likely
only guarantees there are bytes on the distribution disk.)

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