fieldset around form -or- centering within div???

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As an old-time raw HTML code I'm struggling to adapt to using css.
I'm getting there... but slowly.

I do have a question that I cannot find an answer for and perhaps someone
here can advise?

I have an intranet site with a four box layout in css (header, left nav
column, right page container, footer) and the header, left nav and foot
seem to work well.

What I am having difficulty with is the contents of the right page
container.  In this particular example I have some images and text and a
form and around this I have a fieldset and legend.  I've been struggling to
get the contents of the DIV to center itself as it surely doesn't take up
all the width available.  Secondly (and related, I'm sure) my fieldset box
covers the full width of the available area while my form info is only
about 30% of the space.

Currently I've got a text-align: center in my page container ID section but
I know that is NOT the best way.

Can someone please advise the BEST way to handle the general alignment of
content in a content section and also how to control the width of the

Thanks all.


Re: fieldset around form -or- centering within div???

Scripsit bobmct:

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This groups is for discussing HTML authoring for the WWW. If you can make
use of the discussions when authoring intranet pages, fine. If you wish to
explain a particular problem, you should create a demo page on the WWW and
post the URL, and you should realize that in this group, people are supposed
to discuss in WWW terms.

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Generally, if a form is useful, it should appear on a page where that very
form is the content and king, instead of playing as a sidekick. Site search
forms might be an exception, but they tend to be very simple and small.

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The CSS setting text-align: center specifies that each line in a block be
centered (independently of other lines), though some old faulty browsers
implement it differently. Anyway, it's CSS, not HTML. It's difficult to say
(especially without a URL) whether you have an HTML problem, a CSS problem,
or both.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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