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I have a site for the collegue with a  football winning  game.


there I redirect the user to an cgi-page


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so the redirection goes to

The problem:
The user save the address in a favorite.
But in the favorite the cgi-page is save.

Is it possible to change the display address in the browser address
is it possible to prepare the settings of of the favorite.

Frank Iversen

Re: favorite with a different address

fiversen wrote:

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If I understand correctly, fussball.html is a page that sometimes  
redirects to f11.cgi, and sometimes f12.cgi, and your problem is that,  
people should bookmark fussball.html, but actually bookmark either f11.cgi  
or f12.cgi.

This is the difference between HTTP 301 and HTTP 302 redirections.

HTTP 301 for fussball.html would mean: Resource moved to f11.cgi (or  
f12.cgi), forever. Don't use anymore fussball.html, bookmark f11.cgi (or  
This is not what you want.
You want a HTTP 302.

HTTP 302 means: fussball.html is the right name for the resource, however,  
for this current access, you should look at f11.cgi (or f12.cgi). If  
you've to bookmark the page, please, bookmark fussball.html, not f11.cgi  
(or f12.cgi).

So, an HTTP 302 redirection is exactly what you need.

The fact that buggy user agents tend to interpret HTTP 302 as if it were  
HTTP 301 redirections is a real problem. If you want to support these  
buggy user agents, you may on the server side, dump the contents of the  
data produced by f11.cgi or f12.cgi when the fussball.html resource is  
requested, without any redirection.

Please, read:

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Re: favorite with a different address

Thanks a lot,
I try the following .htaccess:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule fussball3.html  ...../cgi-bin/f11.cgi  [R=307]

The redirection is ok
- but the display an the saved favorites - have the f11.cgi - page.

The patch of the output -  thats nothing for me.

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Frank Iversen

Re: favorite with a different address

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Good for you. So, what was your HTML question?


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Re: favorite with a different address

The question is still,

is it possible automaticly to create a user favorite with a different

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.. fussball.html
I redirect to
(with 'RewriteRule fussball3.html  ...../cgi-bin/f11.cgi  [R=307]' or

The redirection page change from time to time,
so I want to create a favorite with the first page.

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Frank Iversen

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