explaining web standards to clients

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    I've started out by coding websites for myself - but eventually have
moved on to making websites as projects  for people.  Originally, when
doing personal websites, I had the leisure of taking my time and coding
however I wanted - however, when coding for someone else, they often
want things done a certain way.

    It's hard explain to someone non technically-savvy about what's the
best way to code a website - they often want a feature that isn't
exactly in line with coding standards.  So basically, you have to
explain to them in as simple  terms as possible, the advantages of
coding according to web standards.

    For example, take excessive javascript code - many clients or users
might want you to make a website that has some fancy flashing text or
needless image effects using javascript.  It might work fine for your
user, who has a mainstream windows PC that runs these effects fine.

    However, you need to make your user realize that not everyone's PC is
equal - and thus as a result, javascript in one person's browser
might completely bog down their computer's resources so much, that it
virtually renders it useless.  In others, javascript might not even be
supported.  So, any functionality of the site that relies on javascript
will be inaccessible by these users.

    It's impossible to track down all of the combinations of users'
operating systems, computer speeds, and browser software, so it is best
just to stay away from javascript altogether.  When making an
informational or commercial website, it's very important to take your
audience into consideration.

    If you're making a vending site that sells computer parts, most likely
your audience will be computer savvy and may be able to handle some
javascript elements.  However, if you're making a general information
page on a topic, you should make your page as clear and accessible as

    So, that's just one aspect of code that you may not see eye to eye
with your user about.  However, explain it to them in easy to
understand concepts, and they will have an easier time comprehending.

Re: explaining web standards to clients

Jeff  Fritz wrote:

[An explanation about dealing with clients' demands.]

Please don't multipost, and please could you explain what this post is
about? It sounds like an answer to someone who may have asked you what
to do with certain clients, but I don't see any post preceding yours
in this thread.

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