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It appears that w3.org is accepting my emails but not acting on many of
them, including two of three of my requests to subscribe, sometimes for over
24 hours, so I'll document some of the ideas that I tried sending to the
list here. Any comments on my exhibit tag idea?

Some of the emails from this thread are archived at:

>>>I wouldn't mind my list being considered part of the paragraph it's
>>>in, since the paragraph refers to the data represented by the list,
>>>but it should be treated as a separate part of the paragraph.

>>...In HTML 4.01 you can wrap the two in a DIV and lay them out in the
>>desired fashion with CSS. As close as you come to documenting the
>>relationship is by the common container provided by the DIV.

>An "exhibit" tag might be good. It could point to an id value, or some
>selector value, but not necessarily be a link, like:

>The list of top 10 frauds<exhibit style = "vertical-align: super;" href =
>"#My_List">1</exhibit> shows that ...

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