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I have done things in HTML for a long while. In my hey-day I used to
read a lot of information about HTML published including the W3C site
and, but as the things cooled down, I too relaxed a
little. Today I was trying to do somethings and catch up a little bit
(I step down, while XHTML 1.0 was stepping up). I used the HTML
Validator for my page and I was shocked with 2 things:

1- onChange is not an event of SELECT?
2- onMouseOver is still not an event of IMG?

I was trying to find documentation about how else I was supposed to
use those events, but I couldn't find it.

So I ask you gurus, what's going on there?

Re: Events

gaijinco wrote:
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There's nothing wrong with these events in the validator--I just ran a
test case--so it's impossible to tell as long as you're keeping your
page a secret!

Re: Events

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I'm guessing you are using XHTML ...

Why you probably shouldn't:

Why onChange and onMouseOver are invalid:

David Dorward / /

Re: Events

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Don't use XHTML. It's pointless, it's harmful in some cases, it's
awkwward to do this and get it right.

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onchange is though.  XHTML is case-sensitive, and they're lower case
rather than camel-case.

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