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Re: Editing software

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DW's templating and site-management tools are also fairly decent, although
they do fall short of being a full-fledged content management system. I use
it myself from time to time - mostly it depends on whether I'm creating
static content or templated "snippets" to be used to generate dynamic pages.


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Re: Editing software

webmaster@wallstreetsoftware.com wrote:
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 From your page:

   <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

The language attribute is deprecated, type is required. Use:

   <script type="text/javascript">

The start of your script:

   function clock() {
     if (!document.layers && !document.all) return;

will specifically exclude Firefox (and Mozilla, et al) from showing the
clock.  I have no particular interest in seeing a clock in a web page
(it's pretty pointless, modern computers have clocks that the user can
display if they wish) but that seems a rather silly exclusion.

The only requirements for your clock are basic support for the built-in
javascript Date object and document.write, both of which are supported
by every browser of any note in the last 10 years.  If you really want
to, feature detect for those features and leave it at that.  Don't
assume that because a browser doesn't admit to support for two
particular proprietary (and quite outdated) features that they can't run
the rest of your script.

The javascript in the page can be greatly improved, try:



Re: Editing software


  Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed response. I have learned
more on this newsgroup than in the last ten years of coding by myself.
As if it weren't completely evident, I am completely self taught. I
began in 1994 using the Robin Hood method of Web design. I would steal
a website and strip it of original identifying information replacing
it with my own. In the process I picked up many of the nuances of HTML
code mostly by osmosis. Unfortunatley, I picked up many bad habits
along the way. Now, I would never consider stealing another's design,
but still appreciate a well designed site and will try to incorporate
parts in my own design. Java script is a bugaboo, and I'm still
struggling. Thanks for the tips.


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