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How do I get a label to be on top of a text field?

<label>Login:<input type="text" name="login"></label>
<label>Password:<input type="password" name="password"></label>

generates this...

Login:textbox Password:textbox

I want...

Login:      Password:
textbox     textbox

Thanks...  CM..

Re: easy form layout question

mouac01@yahoo.com wrote:

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Layout is basically a matter of CSS, not HTML. This is c.i.w.a.html, not
c.i.w.a.stylesheets. Admittedly, you _could_ do some simple layout in
HTML, and, somewhat debatably, this is also about structure.

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That would break users' expectations. That's not the way things are
commonly presented. Besides, it would confuse people who use simple
speech-based user agents that read line by line and ignore <label> markup.

What you _should_ want is

Login:    textbox
Password: textbox

and a way to achieve this is

<form action="..." method="post">
<tr><td><label for="username">Login</label>:</td>
     <td><input id="username" type="text" name="login"></td></tr>
<tr><td><label for="pwd">Password</label>:</td>
     <td><input id="pwd" type="text" name="password"></td></tr>

If you really want the layout you describe, the table approach can be
used with obvious modifications.

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