Dreamweaver MX - advanced users question.

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I run an informative site containing a few hundred pages and I would like to
insert a "Tell a friend" link (mailto) in every page as a *free*
self-promotion tool.

I want my links to open an email pointing to the generating page itself (in
the message's body) with something like this: "I've found this page,
@@page's <title></title>@@, to be of interest to you. Check it out: @@page's
complete url@@

Do you consider possible to use Dreamweaver's conditional expressions (or
something else) for inserting such code into my templates so that every
uploaded page can have its individual code written automatically? If so, how
can I do it?

Here's the code so far, try it:
tle,%20to%20be%20of%20interest%20to%20you.%20Check%20it%20out:%20URL">Tell a

Re: Dreamweaver MX - advanced users question.

william@work.com enlightened us with...
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Many hosts offer the "Tell a friend" script for free. Mine does. Check with
yours before going to a bunch of trouble.

Never mess up an apology with an excuse.

Re: mailto / Dreamweaver MX - advanced users question.

William J. Tcherust wrote:
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The subject & body tags are 'non-standard', afaik. I've never found
documentation of which browsers do/don't support them. I've been warned
here before that such non-standard usage will cause some browsers not to
use the link at all. Personally I don't know of any browsers without
support for this, but I haven't done anything like an exhaustive check.
I've never tried mailto: without a target address, either.


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