Dreamweaver alternatives in OS X

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Hi fellow web developers,

I used to use Dreamweaver under Windows, but have recently switched to
Mac OS X and can't afford to spend the $$$ on the full Dreamweaver Mac

I am curious whether you can recommend a tool, or combination of tools
on the Mac. I do not need the WYSIWYG editing, but I would like smart
FTP synchonization (Transmit 3 might be good enough) and some type of
template engine.

Are any of you running OS X, using some type of templates and not using



Re: Dreamweaver alternatives in OS X

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I haven't seen anything that templates _and_ HTML editting.  I think
you'll have to cherry-pick your features from the list of what's out
there.  I don't think you'll get everything you want and you'll have to
make peace with that.

nvu, a free wysiwyig page editor that used to be part of Netscape

Taco HTML Editor, a free editor specializing in HTML, but you'll need
your own FTP program to update pages

WebDesign, a HTML/XHTML/PHP/CSS editor. $30.  Haven't used it.

RapidWeaver, a template-based easy web-design tool.  $40.  Extensible
with lots of templates, plugins for functional enhancements (blocks of
content, multi-columns, photo collages, and a cool Accordion effect),
and a very active user and developer communities.  Output is XHTML and
CSS compliant and looks good on both Windows and Mac

Apple's iWeb (part of iLife package $79) this is really more a Drawing
application for web pages.  It starts with templates of 10 site design
and 5 page types--welcome, blog, photos, Quicktime movie, etc.  So far,
only Apple has created any of these.  You choose a site design and page
layout and create your page.  Want to see how it looks in a different
design, create a new page using that site design.  Output is fine on
MacOS browsers but rather weird and slow to display on IE6 on XP
(shocking, no?)

Freeway Pro ($279)
or Freeway Express ($99)
Code produced isn't IE6 XP compliant.

Dreamweaver, $400 new, $199 for upgrade
one of the industry standards for web developement, cross-platform, lots
of templates to build sites from.

GoLive, Adobe's answer to Dreamweaver.  Who knows if it will still be
supported now that Adobe bought Macromedia and put their support behind
Dreamweaver.  Same pricing as Dreamweaver.  Integrates with other Adobe
Creative Suite tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

DeeDee, don't press that button!  DeeDee!  NO!  Dee...

Re: Dreamweaver alternatives in OS X

Nathan wrote:

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Rsync is not ftp, but it is very smart. I believe OS X comes with it,
and it can be run over SSH.

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http://template-toolkit.org /
Available through Fink:

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