Does it exist? Prefabbed polling and dynamic lists

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A friend of mine is thinking about starting up a web site for a
business, which I think it is exciting as these days depending on ones
needs a lot of it can be done with off the shelf components.

Finding, the off the shelf components is another matter.

My friend would like to put lists on his site and allow his readers to
vote on the popularity of items in a list.  As the popularity of an
item increases, the item will automatically, physically, move up the
list.  Similar to how the lists of links to articles on reddit
automatically adjusts as users vote the stories up or down.

Is there prefabbed software for this?   How about a platform like
wordpress or drupal that would have extensions/plugins with this

Is there a better forum to ask these kinds of questions?

Thanks much in advance for any information.

Re: Does it exist? Prefabbed polling and dynamic lists

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If you cannot find the exact "off-the-shelf" facility, you might
get help from the usenet group alt.php. A php server-side
processing of a form should not be too hard to implement to do
what you want. It may even be very cheap to get someone to do
this for you - if you have to pay.


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