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Re: Does

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, Harlan Messinger wrote:

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I can't recall a web server which doesn't do that, by default.  

Pedants (such as DJ Delorie, who at one time had an explicit
demonstration on his web site in order to "make a point") have
to go to extra trouble if they want to disable that behaviour.

Apache is perfectly capable of being configured to return two
different valid resources in response to the two distinct URLs and ,
but you have to work at it, it isn't something that happens by
accident.  The default behaviour is the one that you (and most other
people) expect.

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Maybe.  It depends.  I've seen IIS servers which then issue yet
another redirection to default.asp

In fact I recall a Microsoft server which, when asked for the
canonical URL (ending in "hierarchy/"), issued four successive
redirections before it finally got around to returning some content
with a 200 OK status.  The final URL was distinctly unmemorable (and
different every time).

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