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Re: Do viewers have JavaScript?

On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 08:49:19 GMT, Mason A. Clark

>I am making a page that will depend on JavaScript.
>Is this a problem: the viewers' browser not
>running JavaScript?
>I did a quick survey of the top of one list of
>Top 500 web sites in popularity -- my javascript
>turned off. Almost no problem in simply viewing
>the pages but I did *not* test any dynamics.
>JavaScript was used for some purpose on almost
>all the pages. Only two out of thirty explicitly
>demanded that javascript be turned on.
>QUESTION: Am I running any risk with a page that
>*depends* on javascript for informative pop-up
>      Mason C
I really appreciate the responses to my question.
My pop-ups are not automatic and serve a useful
purposes. However, the javascript problem has
caused me to switch to simple "<a href.." windows with
a return link at the bottom.  Very simple, BUT

Now I have a new problem which I'll post in a
separate thread: how to return to different
image maps from the same to know
*from whence* a page was linked....   whatever...

Thanks again for the instructive responses.

    Mason C     and fun to see a thread degenerate :-)

Re: Do viewers have JavaScript?


I posted and a moment later looked at /
with my javascript turned off.

hummph -- they think I'll adjust my browser to suit them ?

   Mason C           ( i did )

Re: Do viewers have JavaScript?

Mason A. Clark wrote:

>I posted and a moment later looked at /
>with my javascript turned off.
>hummph -- they think I'll adjust my browser to suit them ?

If you want to make use of their site,yes. makes use of a newish feature in browsers in Javascript,
the XMLHttpRequest thingy... also known as "Ajax". It makes a more
interactive communication with the server possible, without leaving the
page. If you want to take advantage of it, you do need Javascript
enabled. Such is life.

Still, it'd be nice if such sites also offer Javascript-free
alternatives. Of course, user experience would be closer to the old
CGI-experience, jumping from page load to page load.


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