div tag with height in percentage

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hi all,

i am having one aspx page in wich i have 3 rows in table. first row
has height 10% second has 70% and thrid has 20%
in second row i am having another table which i have added in div tag
as this table has large content and i want to provide scorllbar for

when i use div tag with height as 100% its not working. i don't want
to set height in pixel.

what i need to do.

please help me asap.

thanks in advance.

Re: div tag with height in percentage

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Percentage heights of auto-height containers are ignored.

Absolute positioning won't work either as Firefox for one doesn't allow
a table cell to be the containing block for positioned descendents.

So there's not much you can do unfortunately, except try to think of
some kind of compromise or a way to give yourself a less general problem
to solve.

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