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According to , the type
attribute of the <button> tag is optional.  Is the UA at liberty to
choose any type it wishes if the attribute is omitted?  Does the
presence or lack of a DTD impact the answer?

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Re: Default type of

Christopher Benson-Manica wrote:

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W3Schools is rather error prone, in this case they are simply missing some
information. Try the spec instead:

type = submit|button|reset [CI]
    This attribute declares the type of the button. Possible values:

        * submit: Creates a submit button. This is the default value.
        * reset: Creates a reset button.
        * button: Creates a push button.


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Re: Default type of

On 01/07/2005 22:30, David Dorward wrote:

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[From the specification:]

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It's worth pointing out two things, both related to IE:

   1. IE incorrectly assumes 'button' for the default value.
   2. IE gets the whole mechanics of the BUTTON element wrong
      when used for form submission.



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