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Re: Deactivate browser's print function

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Rem acu tetigisti - it's a .gov site.

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Re: Deactivate browser's print function

Well bust mah britches and call me cheeky, on Wed, 01 Aug 2007 18:18:55
GMT Dr J R Stockton scribed:

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Klaatu Barrada Nicto - yep, I figured.

Half lies are worth twice as much as whole lies.

Re: Deactivate browser's print function

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If you apply snake oil techniques to a web page, then you can prevent
the ignorant from reading or printing your source, you can annoy the
semi-skilled who want to but no longer can, and you can give a
valuable coffee-sipping break to those skilled enough to walk straight
through your protection in a few moments. You're a speedbump, not a

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Where would you like us to mail the printouts of any of their
protected pages?

The web isn't designed around DRM, for either source protection or
print denial. If you try to bolt such things on top of it, then
they're unreliable and fragile. The worst case is if you try to limit
access to _some_ users, because you're likely to have more false
negatives (where it just breaks and goes wrong) than valid positives
(of people who were locked out when they ought to have been).

All such measures are fragile. They're trivially easily defeated by
those who want to and have moderate skills. _All_ of them.

If you want a crude (but reliable) prevention of printing, then place
this in your CSS.

   @print { body, * { display: none; } }

It's not robust to stop anyone who wants to bypass it, but at least
it's most unlikely to go wrong and lock someone out unintentionally.

If you want robust protection of content, then don't use HTML. PDF has
good features for limiting access, although even those aren't
especially strong.

Re: Deactivate browser's print function

On Mon, 30 Jul 2007 05:19:04 -0700, Andy Dingley wrote:

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For instance, with
web developer toolbar/
view/generated source/print

Those kinds of hiding tools are getting easier and easier to break.

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